Brookhouse Elementary Plan for Improvement 2010-11




Literacy Goal


Grade Primary to Grade 3 students will demonstrate growth in reading and Grade 4 to Grade 6 students will demonstrate growth in writing.




collect information about individual students' reading at

least twice per year

use reading assessment results to design lessons that support

student learning

provide training for teachers in

reading and writing

organize a Family Literacy Night

gather a range of writing samples, to help students and teachers

communicate about expectations

organize Reading and Writing Blitzes



Math Goal


Students will demonstrate an improved ability to communicate understanding

of operations and number sense on a 4-point rubric.




provide staff PD on communicating understanding of number sense and operations,

mental math, and use of math journals

organize a "Celebrate Math Night"

regularly assess students on their ability to communicate math


share student results with colleagues, and use it to collaborate on best strategies and

"next steps"

work with Math Coach to ensure the needs of all students are being met


We have met goal 3 regarding school climate.


Brookhouse is in year 5 of our Planning for Improvement/Accreditation process and our plan will be reviewed this school year.